We are located in a quiet business park off of I-10 and Huebner, so whether you come before work or after work, you have access to move around indoors or outside depending on the workout and the weather that day.

We’ve had people drive 45 minutes to us multiple times per week for years and they say it’s worth the trip. Come by and visit! We hope to get you closer to your ideal fitness, along with making it an amazing experience for you.


Our Coaches

At Octane, we are excited to inform you that you not only have a personal trainer working for you, but a team getting you to move and look better. We have multiple coaches working together to create the best workout program for your individual body and also to guide you through the program in the most effective way.

Our coaching team’s experience includes years of nutrition experience, college athletic coaching, and program design. Come try a 30-minute workout with us and enjoy the results!

Training we Offer

Want sustainable results that last? That’s what we’re all about. Yes sometimes we see it come off fast (like 27lbs in 7 weeks) and sometimes it takes longer.

Our favorite before and afters, though, are not always measured on the scale. We’ve seen our clients go through great improvements in other areas of their lives after they made fitness a priority.

Our programs vary from groups, semi-privates, one on one and immersion coaching depending on each individuals current fitness state and goal. Schedule an appointment to meet with our coaching team and find out which program is right for you.

Our Schedule

From opening at 5am to closing at 830pm we’re here to make sure that you have the opportunity to come in and get closer to your ideal fitness level.

We close daily from 2-4pm so that we can get do our fitness coach planning. Schedule an appointment to come in and see how we can help you reach your ideal fitness.

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Semi private training here.




Team training here.