Strong In 7

This is the total package. From a person walking into a gym for the first time to the person with 30+ years of experience we’ve seen some common areas people needs to work on. And that is where Strong in 7 came from.

We have created a road map to the ultimate fitness level by guiding you all through exercise, nutrition, proper recovery and peak mindset in 7 steps. We’ve broken down advanced training methods to simple steps delivered via video, audio and a written format right to your inbox.

And yes, the workouts from athlete unleashed are included.


Athlete Unleashed

When I was just ripped around my mid-section and strongest was when I was doing an athletic training program that included core and strength exercises in all that I did. Since then I’ve been sold on this type of training.

You’ll get stronger in a very functional way to outdo your competition on the weekends and get in the best shape of your life. So that’s what we’ve created for you in Athlete unleashed.

You’ll get a total body program for 9 weeks of training that will get you stronger and leaner than ever. We included not only upper, lower and core exercises but also dynamic warm ups so you are safe and get the most out of your workouts. Get all of the video workouts and PDFs immediately immediately once you purchase.


The Edge Workout

Get an edge.

Most people I meet not only want to lose weight and tone up. They also want to enjoy an active lifestyle with loved ones, however, their workout routine or lack there of doesn’t help them to achieve this outcome.

In The Edge Workout you will discover what exercises can give you an extra power for your active lifestyle along with help you burn fat in the gym in less time. You’ll get a full body workout that you can use in the gym or at home.

It’s what we’ve tested and used for years at Octane. So what are you waiting for? Get an edge on your workouts!


One on One Coaching

Custom coaching with Jason.

Want a more custom answer to your specific questions? You will get access to our online programs and you get a custom training program based on your current physical state and goals. You get one face to face skype coaching session per month and full access to coaching through out the month via email.

You get more accountability from Jason and his team. 3 month minimum, $197 per month.